Georgette’s THRIVE! Success Story

Reduced working hours and more income? You bet! Georgette tackled rollercoaster earnings and hit six figures by finding a sense of direction and embracing her leadership skills.

My business was doing okay, but I had too many months of rollercoaster income, up one month and down the next.

Before joining THRIVE!, Georgette struggled with inconsistent client bookings and income, and balancing work and life seemed unattainable. “Free time” felt like a distant dream.

In the last two years, income has become stable and I have a better sense of direction.

Since joining THRIVE! Georgette’s business and life have seen a significant transformation. Not only has her income smoothed out, she’s hit six figures for the first time ever, despite no longer working nights and weekends and missing three weeks of work due to jury duty. She also used this time to focus on her book project, turning an obstacle into an opportunity. With a newfound sense of direction Georgette no longer stresses over whether a potential client signs up– she knows who her ideal clients are and that they’ll recognize her, too.

It feels incredible being able to push beyond where I thought I could be.

To reach this point, Georgette overcame reservations about being a “boss,” learning to embrace her own potential as a leader. She now manages two part-time employees, a position she’d never envisioned.

Georgette credits her growth to her connection with fellow THRIVE! members worldwide, sharing similar goals and challenges and supporting each other through them. Georgette values being part of something larger than herself, emphasizing the importance of treating each other with support and kindness, a sentiment she extends to her clients. The camaraderie of Booster Seat sessions, where members rally to help each other, are one of her favorite THRIVE! features.

We love to watch each other succeed and cheer each other on to greater success. It is celebrating when we win and dusting each other off when it is rough. Being part of this group is special and I set aside THRIVE! Thursdays in my schedule every year. Hope you like me being around, because I’m not going anywhere!

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