Module 9: Canine First Aid

Your next step is the Canine First Aid module, which is a course taught for us by first aid expert Emma Hammett of First Aid for Life.

You’ll be joining Emma on her platform for this portion of your DWA experience.

How To Access Module 9: Canine First Aid

Please follow these instructions to navigate to the First Aid Module, which is on a different website. As soon as you complete the module, return to the dogbiz University course hub to continue your DWA coursework.
1. Access the First Aid course here: www.firstaid.dogbizsuccess.com/
2. Click “Start my course now” to get started.
3. Next, click “Have a coupon?” and enter this code: accessmycourse  Note: You must enter this code to receive the course for free.
4. Enter your information to set up an account for your certification and follow the instructions to complete the course.

Please make note of the link to the First Aid course website so you can easily navigate back. Each time you log back in, click “My Courses” in the upper right side of your screen to resume your studies.

Optional Companion Book
The First Aid course has an optional companion book, which you can purchase on Amazon.

The book is a complete guide, covering everything within the online course, which you can use as a study guide and an ongoing post-class resource.

Need Help?
If you have any questions or need any assistance accessing your first aid module or getting back to the regular DWA hub for the rest of the course afterward, reach out to Deborsha at [email protected] and she’ll make sure you’re where you need to be!