Dog Pro Marketing Workshop

Business slower than you’d like? Phone not ringing as much as it used to? Or maybe you’re just getting your business started and want to launch as strongly as possible? It’s time to step up your marketing game. Join us for a hands-on web-based workshop. Learn what makes an effective marketing plan, then choose personalized marketing projects, create your own marketing calendar, and get underway. Marketing is easier than you think—get started now so the phone rings tomorrow.

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who is this workshop for?

Any dog pros, new or seasoned, who need to start or overhaul their marketing.

during the seminar, you will:

•    get started on your own marketing plan
•    learn the basic principles of effective marketing
•    choose projects that suit your skills, comfort zones, and budget
•    create a marketing calendar to guide your work
•    learn strategies to help you implement your projects successfully and on time

who’s teaching?

Veronica Boutelle and Gina Phairas, dogTEC’s business consultants, guide the process, just as they have for hundreds of clients across the country.

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