A dogbiz University Course

Transition Planning for Dog Trainers

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Leave your old job behind. Become a full-time dog trainer.

You’ve studied to become a dog trainer. You train nights and weekends—maybe you’ve even been doing so for years. You’d love to trade in your current career for life as a full-time dog trainer, but can’t see how to get from here to there.

This course shows you how. You’ll create a step-by-step transition plan from the work you do now to the freedom of training dogs for a living. Get ready to put your frustrating job or unsatisfying career in your rear-view mirror. Good-bye boss, hello dogs!

What you get:

  • Engaging instruction
  • A step-by-step system for making your safe transition
  • Course workbook for creating your personalized transition plan
  • CEUs: 11 CCPDT/ 2 PPG

Transition Planning for Dog Trainers is a 4-module course:

Module 1: Is It Possible?

We begin with figuring out what your training business will need to make, and how feasible that figure is. Also, what to do if the numbers don’t add up.

Module 2: Assess, Prioritize, Adjust

In this module we take a careful look at your situation—your current work, income, activities and responsibilities—to begin forming the parameters of your transition plan.

We also consider the business you’re trying to build, and how to set it up for maximum success and a shorter transition period.

Module 3: Lining Up Support

We work for as quick and sane a transition as possible by looking at a wide range of creative ways to take some pressure off while you’re making your move to full-time dog training.

Module 4: Milestones & Marketing

This is the meat of your transition plan—the actual steps you’ll take, and how you’ll know it’s the right (and safe) time to take them. Plus how marketing works to get you there!

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