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Call attention to your commitment to ethical business practices with the Business Code of Ethics seal

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Business Code of Ethics seal

As a dogbiz client we welcome you to differentiate your business by displaying the Business Code of Ethics seal to declare your commitment to ethical business practices.

By displaying the BCOE seal you are agreeing to commit to the code as written below. Further, you acknowledge and agree that dogbiz offers and may rescind use of the seal at will.

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It’s easy to add your seal to your website. Simply select, copy, and paste the below code into your web page code where you want the seal to appear.

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<a href="https://https://www.dogbizsuccess.com/business-code-of-ethics/" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.dogbizsuccess.com/wp-content/uploads/BCOE-100x100.png" alt="Business Code of Ethics" border="0"></a>

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The dogbiz Business Code of Ethics

By using the BCOE seal, you agree to abide by the code as written below. You also acknowledge and agree that dogbiz offers and may rescind use of the seal at will

As a dog service professional committed to ethical business practices I pledge to:

  • Make no guarantees about behavior outcomes, as it is considered unethical in our industry to do so.                  
  • Maintain clear written policies to avoid potential client conflict or misunderstanding. 
  • Do what I tell clients I’ll do. Do more when I can. 
  • Return all phone calls and emails in a timely manner. 
  • Be honest. Admit mistakes, apologize, and attempt to right wrongs.
  • Use only positive, humane, scientifically sound methods with the dogs in my care. Teach only the same to my clients. Interact as positively with clients as I do with dogs.
  • Recommend the services I think are in the best interests of my clients and their dogs. 
  • Pursue ongoing continuing education and professional development.
  • Maintain current business license, contracts, and insurance to keep myself and my clients safe. 
  • Use respectful language when I speak publicly about other dog professionals, whether to dog guardians or fellow dog pros. I will not spread hearsay; I will endeavor to speak only of direct experiences I myself have had. I will talk about what I do, rather than of what others do. 
  • Be supportive of employees who choose to move on to pursue their own businesses.
  • Understand when working as an employee or contractor that clients belong to the business I work for. I will not solicit clients for my own business at any time unless given express permission to do so. When leaving my employment, I will allow the business owner to communicate my departure to clients. Should clients express a desire to go with me, I will refer them back to the business owner. If clients choose to follow me, I will offer and negotiate a payment to the business owner for those clients.