Building a Successful Puppy Class Program

Master the details of a successful, thriving puppy class program, from curriculum to business practices, in this three-part web seminar series. In Part One we explore what makes great curriculum—the kind that keeps people coming back through graduation and into the next class. Part Two focuses specifically on open enrollment puppy curriculum, an approach that allows you to take puppies into class at any time—no more missing out on socialization time, and no more risking potential students taking their business elsewhere. In Part Three we discuss successful business practices, including effective, creative ways to market your puppy classes, and details such as fees, policies, and scheduling.

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what is this seminar about?

Part One: What is Curriculum?
Teaching group classes can be daunting – choosing what materials to teach, what order to arrange them in, and how best to present them; handling students and dogs with widely disparate skill and experience levels; keeping the attention of ten dogs and even more people; teaching in such a way that the training impacts students’ daily lives, not just their dogs’ performance in the classroom; engendering student compliance; handling barking dogs and active children.

Most approaches to these problems don’t go to the root—the curriculum itself. Good curriculum serves all students and dogs, leaving no need to choose whether to teach to the high end, the low end, or the middle. Strong curriculum solves classroom management issues. Effective curriculum means an end to hearing “He only behaves in class!”

This presentation will explore what makes great curriculum. We’ll discuss the notions of goal-based curriculum development, backwards planning, and constructivist theory, which provides a way of thinking about teaching humans complex concepts and skills.

To teach well you need a good curriculum. And a good curriculum is more than a list of behaviors to teach and games to play. This presentation will provide a comprehensive notion of what curriculum truly is, and guidelines for how to build it.

Part Two: The Open Enrollment Puppy Program

Never again ask owners to wait two weeks for a new class to start, while precious socialization time slips away. No more postponing class due to under-enrollment, or holding six-week classes with only three puppies.

Learn an approach to curriculum design that allows puppies to join class at any time, without sacrificing consistency or results. In the past, open enrollment classes meant mini-privates in the classroom setting, as trainers struggled to work with each dog-and-person team individually at their own level.  Instead, we employ self-contained lesson planning. This strategy lets everyone participate together in class activities, regardless of ability or experience level.

We’ll share specific lesson plans and a sample one-hour class that incorporates socialization, basic manners training, and problem prevention exercises, all designed to achieve results outside the classroom—where students need it most.

Part Three: Fill Those Classes
Curriculum is central to a successful puppy class program. So is filling the seats. Learn effective, creative, low-cost ways to market your puppy classes. We’ll discuss a community marketing-based approach, looking in detail at a number of projects you can pursue right now to get the phone ringing and the registrations coming in.

We’ll also cover scheduling practices and setting class fees and policies to maximize and protect your revenue.

who’s teaching?

Gina Phairas and Veronica Boutelle combine their business, teaching, and curriculum design backgrounds to help trainers thrive in the business of puppy classes.

what participants say

“I found the puppy seminar top notch. Well done! I really enjoy your presentations and find your quality of work exceptional. I also appreciate the price point on the puppy seminar. It made it affordable to me at a time when money is tight.” –Kristin Lund

“The seminar was amazing. You inspired me to take the leap and start a puppy class! I also got many ideas for marketing and will be taking a closer look at my website. Well worth the cost!” –Sheyla Gutierrez, Puerto Rico

“I have over 25 years’ experience as a Canine Behavior Specialist. For the past 11 years I have been the sole owner and operator of Angeldogs Dog Training. Group classes have always been my nemesis. So much work for so little return that I decided to stop them and only provide private lessons. After taking your Building a Successful Puppy Class Program web seminar I feel confident I’ll be able to do exactly that.

Your seminar gave me the tools and encouragement to start a different way of thinking about training people and working group classes. I am proof positive that you can teach old dogs new tricks. Thank you!” –Victoria Angeldonis, Nokomis, FL

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