Be a Full Time Dog Trainer

Ready to translate your love of dogs into a new career? Tired of training on nights and weekends while holding down your “real” job? We’ll show you how to run the numbers to see if working with dogs for a living is feasible, and how to build your own transition plan to move from employee to self-employed. We’ll also cover education and continuing education pathways.

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who is this seminar for?

1. Part-time and hobby dog trainers who dream of working with dogs full time but aren’t sure how to make the transition, or whether it’s even possible.

2. Dog lovers who dream of making their love of dogs their living.

If you’re ready to make a career change or go full time as a dog trainer, then this seminar is the place to start.

what you’ll learn

•    how to run a simple feasibility “study” to see if working with dogs is financially reasonable for you (Don’t worry—it’s easier than it sounds.)
•    how to create a transition plan to guide your dreams into reality
•    the education and training requirements for being a dog trainer, and options for pursuing them

who’s teaching

Veronica Boutelle, dogTEC founder and business consultant, has 1o years’ experience guiding dog-loving career changers and part timers to full time careers.

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