Spring Clean Your Dog Business

  A yearly sprucing and polishing of your R+ dog business can increase your efficiency and productivity, bump up your bottom line, and lead to greater enjoyment of your work. And if that’s not enough, here’s a bonus: unlike household spring cleaning this practice requires no mops, spray bottles, or feather dusters! Ready to roll […]

Taking The Lead Registration

We’re so glad you’re joining us for Taking the Lead! We’re looking forward to working together to get your dog training business set up for a successful 2021. Here’s the information we need to get you added to the program: [Need an InfusionSoft form here, set up to capture this info:] Name* Email* Location             […]

Using Your Dog Training Skills For Personal Change

We all spend too much time beating ourselves up about things we’d like to change, whether it’s a bad habit or not executing important business tasks. Any number of things can weigh heavy on our shoulders. And as we get busier, the burden of the bad habit, or the workload of being behind on important […]

How To Fire a Dog

Sometimes, despite all our love for dogs, things don’t work out. It may be a bad personality match. (Most of us have met a dog or two who just gets under our skin, though we feel badly admitting it.) More often it’s a behavior issue that becomes too challenging or risky to manage—stranger aggression or […]

How To Know When To Fire a Dog

We become professional dog walkers because we love dogs so much we want to spend not just our personal lives, but also our working lives in their company. So it can be hard to know when to call it quits with a dog, to make the painful decision to fire a four-legged client. More often […]