Athena’s THRIVE! Success Story

Athena went from the brink of burnout to a thriving business with a healthy work/life balance – the dream!

Prior to THRIVE!, I was very burnt out and had started looking for another job altogether.

Before joining THRIVE!, Athena found herself on the brink of burnout, contemplating a shift to an office job far removed from the challenges of dog training. The onset of COVID-19 intensified feelings of defeat, as well as self-doubt and a lack of clear direction. Having learned about THRIVE!, Athena hoped the collective support of the dogbiz community could help her build the business she envisioned.

Now, I am always comfortably busy. I have a very good work/life balance. I have clients that I enjoy, and I am able to add more to the family budget.

Fast forward to today, Athena’s business and life have undergone a significant transformation. She’s comfortably busy and enjoying an enviable work/life balance. Her clients bring her joy rather than exhaustion, and she’s contributing more to the family budget without working evenings or weekends. Athena has used guidance from THRIVE! to set up a structured and balanced master schedule, and the dedicated ‘office hours’ helps her stay focused.

Among her noteworthy accomplishments are:

New website: Athena revamped her website, putting in the effort until she loved the result.
Rebranding: She rebranded her company, including filing a dba and updating all associated marketing materials.
SEO work: Athena delved into SEO work, constantly learning and improving her skills.
Service mix: Athena’s training now comprises 75% Day Training and 25% coaching.
CSAT certification: Athena’s proudest achievement, obtaining a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) certification, has empowered her to focus on separation anxiety, her next big goal.

All of these things have helped me be more confident and able to advocate for myself and my business.

THRIVE! became Athena’s main support group. The community, working towards similar goals, provided the encouragement needed to stretch her limits. This has helped Athena pick up more marbles and tackle challenges head-on. She loves that if she can’t attend live sessions, the Hub is a reliable resource, allowing her to grow her business at her own pace.

The dogbiz team have been in the training world themselves, and they use their talents at marketing, organizing, and teaching to help all of us succeed.

Learn how THRIVE! can help you create YOUR business success story.