Ashley’s THRIVE! Success Story

When excitement about becoming a certified dog trainer turned to disappointment, Ashley ditched the bad business advice and found success and confidence through THRIVE!.

I spent LOADS of money on scummy ‘business coaches’ who did far more harm than good.

Ashley was ready to jump into life as a dog trainer after becoming a Certified Trick Dog Instructor and completing a certification in canine behavior. But the excitement of starting her own business quickly turned into discouragement when she fell prey to unhelpful “business coaches” who left her with no clear direction. Ashley felt like she was floundering. Her turning point came when a successful fellow dog trainer told her about THRIVE!

I am unrecognizable from my past self in just a little over half a year. My confidence in myself, my skills, and my business have grown.

After almost a year of THRIVE! membership, Ashley’s confidence has skyrocketed. Imposter syndrome, once a nagging presence, has nearly disappeared. Ashley now confidently introduces herself as the go-to expert for her clients. Financial stress has diminished and she no longer feels the need to accept whatever work comes her way, instead focusing on working with clients she truly enjoys. Ashley is doing the work she loves, and relishing the role of being her own boss.

I can thrive by allowing myself to do the work that I LOVE, instead of desperately taking whatever is offered. I have opportunities I could have only DREAMED of!

Being a THRIVE! member provided Ashley with technical knowledge about the business, but more crucially, it offered a supportive community. The encouragement, support, and celebratory atmosphere around both small and big wins were the positive reinforcement she needed.

The live sessions and the program Hub provided essential resources, and the flexibility allowed her to access valuable content on her own timeline. The THRIVE! Facebook group also emerged as a lifeline for Ashley, offering feedback on her work and a supportive space whenever she needed it. She’s excited to see what she and fellow members accomplish next. 

THRIVE! is a group of inspiring, dedicated, and hardworking R+ dog trainers who lift one another up to succeed and don’t gate-keep success secrets.

Learn how THRIVE! can help you create YOUR business success story.