Our business is to help yours succeed


We give R+ dog trainers & walkers everything they need to thrive

Our business is to help you love yours

Whether you’ve long fantasized about working with dogs for a living or have more recently realized it’s what you’re meant to do, we can help you design your dream career with dogs.

Create a life you love and grow personally and professionally with us.

We have everything you need to hit the ground running. From coaching, resources and community led learning, choose a format that works for you.

Help more dogs and make more money with specialized support where you need it, from marketing and operations to crafting services that sell.

Business taking off and taking over? Streamline your systems, grow or maintain your business, and enjoy your success while getting your life back!

We’re here to help you succeed at every stage of your dog business.

Imagine a well-balanced business that lets you:

  • Spend more time with clients and dogs and less time drowning at your desk.
  • Run your business with confidence and the support of a community of like-minded R+ dog pros.
  • Feel in control, enjoy guilt-free time off, and make a real difference to more dogs and people.

Let’s make this your reality, together.

Looking for ways to get started?

Join our celebrated program for positive dog trainers. Enjoy a thriving business and work/life balance through weekly sessions, the support of dogbiz coaches, and the camaraderie of R+ dog trainers just like you!

Don’t miss out!

Download our comprehensive guide to help you level up your current business with our best biz tips, our favorite resources, and common errors to avoid– all to help you better enjoy your own thriving R+ dog training business.

Looking to take the leap into training dogs for your living but not sure how to start? No need to figure it all out on your own. Download our free dog training business start-up checklist to learn the 10 critical steps to starting your own successful R+ dog training business.

Are you a dog walker or wanting to become one?

Set yourself apart with the best education for easier and safer walks. Our Dog Walking Academy sets the standard for a successful, financially viable business you’ll love every day.

Learn more about our Dog Walking Academy

Why we do what we do

We’ve been helping R+ dog trainers & walkers succeed since 2003. For 20 years it’s been our way of creating a better world for dogs and the people who love them. We mean it when we say we exist to see you succeed.

Learn more about us and our mission here.

What our clients say


“I always wanted a career training dogs. dogbiz coaching and products saved me tons of hours of work and steered me in the right direction.”

Andrea Giordano,
Dogs Among Us
dogbiz client, Lake Oswego, NY


“I was stuck working a part-time job as well as running my business. dogbiz’ creative solutions allowed me to quit the job and pursue my true career.”

– Joanna Moritz,
Fur & Feather Works
dogbiz client, Reno, NV


“THRIVE! is going to be the single best thing you ever do for your business. I can’t imagine not having this group.”

– Kelly Fahey,
PupScouts of Hunterdon
THRIVE! member, NJ

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Gayle Motyka, Rescue Me Canines

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