A dogbiz University Course

Starting a Dog Training Business, A to Z

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Start your dog training business with confidence.

It’s time! You’ve built your dog training skills and decided to dedicate your career to helping dogs and their people live better lives together. Now it’s time to get your dog training business up and running.

Our A to Z course provides supportive, step-by-step direction to get you and your business off to a great start.

What you get:

  • Engaging instruction from industry experts

  • Two bonus modules about teaching online group classes and coaching clients online taken from our Survive & Thrive series.

  • Course workbook for planning your business

  • CUEs: 22 CCPDT/17 PPG

Starting Your Dog Training Business, A to Z includes 7 modules to guide your success:

Module 1: Setting Up For Success

This module gets you ready for start-up success

Module 2: Private Training Success

6 sections cover:

  • Choosing the right training service options
  • Packaging your private training services
  • How to help clients achieve their goals
  • Running successful initial consults

Module 3: Profitable Dog Training Classes

6 sections cover:

  • Choosing the right classes
  • Filling your classes—and keeping them full
  • Succeeding with students & dogs at all levels
  • Tips to support student success

Module 4: Money Matters

4 sections cover:

  • Choosing the right pricing strategy & policies
  • Avoiding common rate & policy mistakes

Module 5: Solving the Mysteries of Marketing

10 sections cover:

  • Finding your marketing message
  • Building your brand
  • Choosing marketing projects that work for you
  • Getting your website right

Module 6: Business Set Up

2 sections cover:

  • Filing your business paperwork
  • Liability protection

Module 7: The Path to Success

Final tips and support for making your dream business your reality

Bonus Module 8: Online Group Classes

Bonus Module 9: Coaching Clients & Students Online

These are bonus modules from the dogbiz “Survive & Thrive” series. We look at how to structure, price, and choose online offerings and how to teach and coach students online.

Ready to start your dog training business? Join us for Starting a Dog Business, A to Z!

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