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Master the 3 Ss

for a Successful, Sustainable, and Stress-free R+ Dog Training Business

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Private business training for CPDTs

Tuesday, October 5 at 1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern

In this private event for CPDTs only, you’ll learn how to run a business that is:


Build a consistent waitlist of clients and students you love working with


Enjoy a schedule that includes plenty of downtime for you and your own dogs


Confidently run your business instead of feeling like it’s running you

You’ve mastered the 3 D’s in your training– Distance, Duration, and Distraction. Now it’s time to master the 3 S’s in your dog training business!

dogbiz coaches Veronica Boutelle and Gina Phairas are delighted to host this private event for CPDTs serious about making their dog training businesses work for themselves and the dogs and clients they serve.