Starting a Dog Business​

Work with dogs for a living

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Few people are brave enough to pursue their passions. But bravery doesn’t mean having to go it alone or reinvent the wheel.

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Here’s how we can help:​

Personalized Business Consulting

Put a friendly dogbiz consultant in your corner to support your success every step of the way. Need your hand held? We do that, too.

THRIVE! Membership Program

Start your dog training business with support from dogbiz coaches and a supportive community of R+ trainers.

dogbiz University

Get step-by-step guidance with our Starting Your Dog Training Business, A to Z course.


Dog Walking Academy ​

Start your dog walking business with the best available dog walking education. Maximize safety and gain a marketing edge with our professional course. 

Logo & Website Design ​

Put your best foot forward! We’ll map out and guide your brand and website creation process for best results. Just need a dependable referral? Those are always free.

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Business Support Products

Get your dog business started faster and with less frustration. Set yourself up for success with our ready-made dog business tools.

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Business Toolkits

All the paperwork you need to run your dog business—editable and brandable to suit your needs.

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Marketing Toolkit

Build your business as quickly as possible with ready-to-implement marketing projects.

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Curriculum Packages

Fill your classes and teach with confidence using our professionally designed R+ curriculum.

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Business Success Packages

Have it all and save money—get everything you need to start your dog business in one package.

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Business Books for Dog Pros

Advice on starting your dog business from the people who literally wrote the book on how to start and run a successful dog business.

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What dog pros say

“I just signed on another day training client for 8 weeks at a ‘making a living’ rate. I couldn’t have done it without dogbiz. Your coaching on marketing and selling got me through the start up phase! And the products you provide get me ‘so professional’ reviews! Thanks for all you do!” 

–Sandra Brigham, Train Up That Pup!, Concord, MA

“Thank you so much for teaching us everything you did at the Dog Walking Academy! I am soooo happy I found dogbiz. I definitely feel very prepared to start my business now!” 

–Lisa Mendricks, Lisa’s Dog Walking, Saratoga, CA

“I cannot express how much dogbiz helped me with starting my business. It’s one place for everything I needed and lots of things I didn’t realize I needed. I got help with contracts, my website, marketing, and more. With all the tools made available to me, the consulting really pulled everything together. Thank you dogbiz team!” 

–Nancy Le, In Tune Dog Training, San Jose, CA


Need help deciding where to start?​

Email or call to tell us what you’re up to. Our friendly client support manager Deborsha will help you find the best way to take advantage of what we offer.

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Just beginning your career with dogs?

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Free e-books for starting a dog business

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10 Steps to Starting Your Dog Walking Business

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10 Steps to Starting Your Dog Training Business