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Newsletter Service Sign-Up Form

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To design your newsletter nameplate (the title design on the top of the front cover) and signature plate (a smaller strip on the back cover with your name and contact info) we need to know the following:
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Nameplate (Newsletter) Title
You can title your newsletter with your business name, a newsletter name, or a combination. For example, if your business is called Good Dog Training, your newsletter might be called Good Dog Training News, Good Dog Gazette, or The Bark & Howl. (For non-business names we suggest including a subtitle like, Your News from Good Dog Training—indicate this above as a tagline or slogan.)
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Check the boxes according to what you want listed on your signature plate, then type the information in exactly as you would like it to appear on your signature plate.
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Local Exclusivity

For maximum effectiveness, we want you to be the only one in your immediate area to enjoy the benefits of The Newsletter Service. We use the following information to guide us in the distribution of our service. Please see the service contract, below, for details on local exclusivity.

Newsletter Content

The Newsletter Service Contract

Personalized Template

Your newsletter will consist of dogbiz’s standard template, personalized with your branded nameplate and signature plate.

Quarterly Content

You will receive your personalized template via email four times per year with fresh content included.

You are responsible for writing and adding your announcements, services, and a quarterly highlight from your business.

System Requirements & Printing

To open your newsletter you must have the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free at www.adobe.com

You are responsible for the printing of your newsletter. We have rigorous quality control measures in place and make every possible effort to deliver a perfect newsletter to you. However, it is your responsibility to request a proof from a printer to check that no corruptions or changes have occurred to the artwork. You will receive a Newsletter Tips handout from dogbiz which includes suggestions for printing choices.

Minimum Commitment

You agree to a one-year subscription to The Newsletter Service (consisting of four quarterly newsletters). You may renew or terminate your contract at the end of that year. Renewals are for 1 year minimum.

Technical Support

During your first quarter as a newsletter subscriber, dogbiz will provide basic, free-of-cost technical support over the phone for adding your personalized content to the standard template. Additional technical support may require additional fees.


All content is copyrighted by dogtec, Inc.

You have permission to print newsletters for your business use and to post content on your website, provided in both cases that the copyright statements remain intact.

Local Exclusivity

Your subscription to The Newsletter Service is exclusive within your immediate service area. Whereas geographical service areas vary across the country, dogbiz will use a combination of zip codes, city, county, and neighborhood information on your application and the applications of others to determine exclusive regions. Should exclusivity questions arise with applications subsequent to yours, dogtec will contact you for input before a final determination is made.

Right of Refusal

The Newsletter Service is designed to promote positive reinforcement and dog professionals committed to its exclusive use. dogtec, Inc. reserves to right to refuse the Newsletter Service to dog professionals utilizing aversive-based training or care methods.

Legal Disclaimer

All content in your newsletter has been carefully researched and vetted. However, dogtec, Inc. maintains no responsibility for the advice and information provided, nor for the advice and information added by you. dogtec, Inc. shall have neither liability nor responsibility for any damage caused or alleged to be caused by the information in your newsletter.

I understand that by submitting my Subscription Form I will be charged:

1. Either a $350 one-time payment for my initial newsletter set up, including my personalized nameplate and signature plate, OR a $50 one-time registration fee if I have selected the Copy-only option.

2. $150 quarterly payments for my quarterly newsletter content.

We will review your subscription form to ensure local area exclusivity, and then email confirmation and your invoice.

By typing my name and the date here I understand and agree to the terms of the The Newsletter Service Contract.