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Are you ready for the career you’ve been dreaming of?

Join the dog*biz Dog Walking Academy

September 18-20, 2020
8am-5:30pm Pacific (11am-8:30pm Eastern)

Live Online from the comfort of your home!

3 full days of expert instruction designed to jumpstart your dog walking career.

Registration ends September 5!

What you’ll be learning:

  1. Successful Transitions: Learn how to successfully transition out of your current job
  2. Better Business Policies: We’ll teach you how to craft policies to keep more money in your pocket, while keeping your clients happy
  3. Marketing Your Business: Marketing is so much more than business cards. Learn how to successfully market your business to high quality clients
  4. Dog Behavior & Body Language: Learn how to understand dog body language, enjoy smooth walks & manage frustrating behavior quirks
  5. Screening & Client Intake: You’ll learn how to pull information out of potential clients so you know exactly what to expect from their dog
  6. Dog Fight Prevention: Know exactly what to do to avoid dog fights & learn how to safely break them up when they do happen
  7. Emergency Planning & Protocols: We’ll show you how to sidestep trouble, plan for the unexpected & execute calmly when things go wrong
  8. Canine First Aid Certification: Show your clients you’re a true pro. Learn Canine first aid & CPR!

Ready to become a Dog Pro?

Registration ends September 5!


Day One:

How dogs learn, leash manners & recall training, reading canine body language

Day Two:

Walk management, understanding aggression, walking challenging dogs, fight prevention & protocols, walking puppies

Day Three:
Running a Safe, Successful Business

Emergency planning, screening and client intake, business set up, setting rates & policies, marketing, business Q&A

Check out what dog lovers just like you have accomplished after attending the DWA:

Kelly Fahey

After a successful career as a top real estate agent, Kelly attended the Dog Walking Academy and started her dog walking business. Almost immediately she replaced her real estate income and now Kelly runs a successful dog training company and is about to open a new training facility.

Molly Kenefick

15 years ago Molly traded a career as a writer/editor for a semiconductor company in Silicon Valley for a life walking dogs, and she’s never looked back. (“Oh my Dog, my life is so much better now!”) She has since sent dozens of employees through the DWA program she originally attended herself, and runs the most respected dog walking company in her area.

Michelle Sanchez & Cynthia Evans

After attending the DWA to problem solve some issues with their own dog, Michelle and Cynthia walked away from management careers (in the casino and fine arts industries) to start a dog walking business. They now run a successful business providing walks and daycare to small dogs, earning more than in their previous positions.

Patrick Crossan

After many years Patrick left his administrative job in a cancer clinic. He attended the Dog Walking Academy, started his dog walking business, and now brings in a higher income for fewer hours of work as a dog walker, which also allows him to volunteer at a local animal shelter.

Added Bonuses for DWA Students:

  • Access to our on-demand career transitions class ($147 value)
  • Canine 1st aid & CPR certification course ($150 value)
  • One-on-one guided, hands-on field trip with an experienced trainer ($150 value)
  • Free Copy of The Business of Dog Walking book ($25 value)
  • 6 months access to twice monthly live Q&A with instructors ($500 value)
  • Invitation to private DWA Grad Facebook Group (invaluable)
  • Student discounts for one-on-one consulting & other classes ($100+ value)

Your Instructors:

Veronica Boutelle

Veronica founded dogbiz in 2003 to help dog lovers make their living helping dogs. She is the author of several industry best-selling books, including The Business of Dog Walking: How To Make a Living Doing What You Love, and is a sought-after speaker at dog-related conferences and seminars both across the U.S. and internationally.

Josh Boutelle

Josh knows what it’s like to start a dog walking business from scratch. At the age of 21, Josh successfully grew his dog walking (& eventually training) business to multiple six figures after taking the Dog Walking Academy – the course he now teaches! In addition to helping dog lovers become dog pros, Josh is a Certified Professional Dog Trainers with over 10 years experience.

Still on the fence? See What Our Students Say:

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“After the Dog Walking Academy I felt confident to turn my passion into a true endeavor. I am so grateful for the ability to make my livelihood with such amazing animals.”

Nick Carrel, Barking Buddhas
Oakland, CA

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“After graduating from the dogbiz Dog Walking Academy I changed a few key elements in my pet care business, specifically, I increased our rates, changed our walking group composition, and the location of our walks. This lead to improved client retention, dog safety and ultimately to enjoying my work more than I already did. Your class was brilliant …worth every penny.”

Paige Tuhey, Pant SF
San Francisco, CA

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“This was a very well-rounded class, with information about the business aspect of the job as well as dog behavior and training. The structure of the class kept things moving and interesting. I gained an understanding of how to talk to potential clients and now feel prepared for so many situations. This was a great experience for me.”

Suzy Arrington,
Suzy Arrington Dog Training
Hackettstown, NJ

Get the career of your dreams!

Registration ends September 5!