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Congratulations on pursuing your passion for a living. Our passion is to make sure you stay in the game for the long haul.

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Here’s how we can help

Personalized Business Consulting

Let us help you grow your dog business or troubleshoot issues. Work on pricing, policies, organization and time management, staff concerns, client challenges, marketing struggles, etc.

Dog Biz U Courses

Grow your dog business with our interactive or self-guided courses. “Real” job have you working on your business at 2am? Our on-demand classes are ready when you are.

Membership Program

Grow your dog training business with structured, ongoing support from dogbiz coaches and a supportive community of +R trainers as a member of our group coaching program.

Dog Walking Academy

Already have a dog walking business? Maximize your success and gain a marketing edge with our professional course. Attend in person or take online.

dogbiz Newsletter Service

Too busy to market? Hate doing it? We’ll do it for you with a professionally written and designed newsletter branded and personalized for your company.

Logo & Website Design

If it’s time for a brand or website makeover, we’ll map out and guide the process for best results. Just need a dependable referral? Those are always free.

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Business Support Products

Save time and put yourself ahead with our ready-made dog business tools.

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Business Toolkits

All the paperwork you need to run your dog business—editable and brandable to suit your needs.

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Marketing Toolkit

Build your business as quickly as possible with ready-to-implement marketing projects.

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Curriculum Packages

Fill your classes and teach with confidence using our professionally designed R+ curriculum.

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Business Success Packages

Have it all and save money—get everything you need to run a thriving dog business in one package.

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Business Books for Dog Pros

Advice on growing your dog business from the people who literally wrote the book on how to start and run a successful dog business.

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What dog pros say

“I just wanted to share with you that since starting our work together my business has seen increase, not just in profit but in productivity! Thank you so so so much!” 

–Ayelet Berger, Sabra Dog Training, Nashville, TN

“dogbiz sets the industry standard in the dog world. Their classes and great products take your dog training, walking, or daycare business to the next level. I couldn’t run my business without them.” 

–Dennis Fehling, Friends for Life Dog Training, Redmond, OR

“Because of dogbiz I was able to turn my dog training hobby into a profitable business.” 

–Nancy Dougan, In Step Dog Training, Sonoma, CA


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