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The 2 Things Every Pro Dog Walker Must Know

Picture of two small dogs on leash
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  • The number one thing all dog pros and dog lovers need to know about how dogs’ minds work.
    Want better behavior from the dogs you walk (and the ones you live with)? Learn and use this simple principle that all professional dog trainers rely on. (You can use it on your own dogs, too—and also on your kids and your significant other!)
  • How to spot & fix common marketing message mistakes that keep dog walkers from getting more clients.
    Common message mistakes keep too many dog walkers from being as busy as they could be. Fortunately, these mistakes are easy to fix. This video will show you how to spot the common errors, and what to do if you find them on your website or in your marketing.

If you’re already a dog walker, this video will help make your walks easier—and help you get more dogs to walk, too.

If you haven’t taken the dog pro plunge yet, you’ll find the behavior tip useful at home—and I want you to know about these common marketing mistakes so you can avoid them when the time comes for you to go pro.

Happy watching, and let’s put two feet forward!
Veronica & the Dog Walking Academy team