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2 Things Every Dog Walker Needs To Know

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Don’t Let These 2 Dog Walking Myths Hold You Back

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Watch now to bust:

  • A dog behavior myth so pervasive it gets in our way daily
    Ever wonder why dogs act so differently around dog trainers and other high-level dog pros? One reason is that educated dog pros have learned not to buy into this seemingly logical myth about dog behavior. Busting this one is a game changer for easier walking, and for easier living with our own dogs, too.
  • A business myth so destructive it keeps most dog walkers from making a good living.
    Toss this myth out the window and you’ll see a nearly immediate revenue increase. If you haven’t started your business yet, you’ll be glad to know this when you do because it will help you make more money right out of the gate.

Myth busting is some of my favorite stuff to teach, for three reasons:

  1. Running a business is hard enough already without being hamstrung by the poor business practices that have been handed down over the years in our industry.
  1. Working with another species comes with inherent challenges; it’s a shame to make that more complex (and less rewarding!) because of old teachings that have been handed down far past their scientific expiration dates.
  1. Myth busting is fun. Who doesn’t love a good “a-ha!” moment? Who doesn’t love feeling like they’re in the know, or in on the real secret?

So let’s bust some myths and put two feet forward!
Veronica & the Dog Walking Academy team