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2 Things Every Dog Walker Needs To Know

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2 Myths Every Dog Walker Needs To Bust

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The Complete Pro Dog Walker’s Roadmap to Success

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  • Everything a pro walker needs to know to build, grow, & run a rocking business
    Most dog walking businesses are based on what other dog walking businesses in their area have done, or are bravely created out of thin air. The result is that far too many dog walking businesses struggle needlessly, achieving less success than they could if they knew proven best business practices.
  • Everything a pro walker needs to know to rock the dog side of dog walking
    Professional dog walkers know there’s much more to dog walking than loving dogs (though that’s certainly a pre-requisite!). Probably, like most of us, you’ve grown up with and lived most your life with dogs. But what is the professional knowledge that elevates you from dog lover to true dog pro?

Our profession has a codified knowledge and skill set—a roadmap, so to speak—that too few have access to.

If you’re making your living walking dogs, this roadmap will make doing that easier, less stressful, and more financially rewarding. You probably already love your job—but wouldn’t making more money and walking better behaved dogs help you love it even more?

And if you aren’t walking dogs for a living, I’m guessing you have some interest in (or at least a fantasy about) doing so. I encourage you to watch this video to learn just what’s involved in becoming a professional dog walker.

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