Dog Walking

dog walker with 4 dogs on a leash

Dog Walking

Using Positive Associations to Create Positive Dog Behavior

Association, or classical conditioning, is one of the two ways dogs learn, and a large part of how dogs experience the world. Dog walkers tend to be a source of positive associations. Think about how excited dogs get to hear their walker’s vehicle pull up or their key in the lock, or at the sight […]

Word Of Mouth Marketing for Dog Walkers

Word of mouth is a highly prized and sought-after commodity, and few things are better for building and maintaining a strong dog walking business. Problem is, you need a lot of people talking before WOM reaches an effective tipping point and, sensational media stories aside, that rarely happens magically. Word of mouth must be actively […]

Dog Walking For a Living

Gazing outside from behind the dreary landscape of our desks, few are the people who can say they’ve never given a thought to a career change that involved working outside–river guide, perhaps, or a rancher or deckhand on a luxury liner. For many dog lovers, those rosy-tinged, outdoorsy dreams concern dog walking. A life of […]

Spring Cleaning Your Dog Walking Business

In the natural world spring is a time of renewal, of fresh starts, of green growth. Just as mother nature makes a new start of things each year, it’s good business practice to do the same. We encourage our dogbiz business consulting clients and Dog Walking Academy grads to carve out a little downtime each […]

5 Low-Key Networking Strategies for the Networking-Averse

Networking. Ugh, we know. But please don’t stop reading. I want to share a fresh way of thinking about networking, and a whole different approach to it, too. If you’re thinking about the kind of networking that requires being loud, bold, and brash, the kind that requires confidently selling yourself, introducing yourself to strangers, and […]