Dog Walking

dog walker with 4 dogs on a leash

Dog Walking

Dog Walking Equipment—How To Decide What’s Right For You

To say there’s a new dog walking tool on the market every month these days is only a slight exaggeration. The last ten years have seen an explosion of (often derivative and sometimes innovative) variation in dog walking collars, harnesses, and leashes. As a professional dog walker, how do you decide what to use when […]

Getting Organized: Tips for Choosing Your Dog Walking Groups

Which dogs you walk can be the difference between a lovely, relaxing evening reflecting on your good fortune to have the best job in the world, or a jittery one contemplating a prescription for Xanax. The more carefully you choose the dogs you walk, the easier and more enjoyable your job as a dog walker. […]

4 Tips To Organize Your Dog Walking Business For Success

Setting yourself up for success—whether at the beginning of a new year or whenever the need to take firmer control strikes—can feel daunting. Where to start? How to begin? If you’re feeling disorganized, less productive than you’d like, frustrated by your business’ slow growth, or dismayed by a work/life balance that is…well, unbalanced, it’s time […]

Behaviors Have Consequences: How To Get Dogs To Do What You Want

Learning by consequence is about payoff. It’s about getting what we want and avoiding things we don’t like. People work for money; the consequence of sitting behind a desk in a cubicle for 40 hours a week is a paycheck. (Aren’t you glad you chose a different line of work?) Children whine because it often […]

Policies Have Consequences: How To Get Dog Walking Clients To Do What You Want

What if you could make the same money you make, or even more, with fewer clients, while also enjoying calmer, easier behavior from the dogs you walk? Oh, and also smooth out your income so you’re no longer bouncing between bountiful months and tight ones? What if, while you’re at it, your dog walking service […]